Sweet As Sugar - #NicDoesReviews on Peripera's Sugar Glow Tint

by - February 08, 2020

Back when I was a kid I remember having a tinted lipbalm that tastes sooooo much like a Vanilla candy, I think I have gastronomically enjoyed it more than actually putting it on my lips.

You're probably thinking, 'Umm Nicole, you shouldn't be eating your lipgloss, it's still toxic, it might kill you', emphasis on the MIGHT 🙃 but hey, I still am a sucker for flavored make-up, and here I am still alive! What doesn't kill you make you stronger pa moooore!

So imagine my delight when my cousin surprised me with a delicious lip tint fresh from South Korea!


Before we fully dive in to a quick review of this product, let me tell you a thing or two about Peripera. 

Peripera is a South Korean cosmetics brand that made cult favorites out of their Velvet Lip Tint and Airy Cushion. They are well-known to have really quirky and playful packaging, and good must-haves for achieving that glowydewy Korean make-up look. The brand is available in a magnitude of E-commerce sites (Hi Shopee and Lazada), as well as Club Clio stores in The Philippines.

Now that I have properly introduced the brand to you, let us now proceed.

At a glance, it does look like candy! The product itself is enclosed inside a ziplock-type of packaging, where on the back side shows important details about the product. Sadly, the texts are in Korean, so I have no idea what it says-but, good thing it has the canister logo on the lower right, which shows how long is the shelf-life of this product once opened.

Indeed, Natasha.

Aside from the plastic part, the packaging itself that holds the tint doesn't feel flimsy, which is a good assurance that no matter how many times this baby will slip out of your make up bag, it will not cause a messy spill!

What's nice about the packaging is you'll immediately have an idea what color of tint you are using. The color of the bottle is close to the actual color of the product inside it.What I don't like about it though is you'll have a bit of a hard time knowing if you're running out of the product, because that inner glass part is painted and does not indicate how much content your bottle still has.


It's very watery, which is not surprising for a lipgloss. Don't be fooled by the name 'tint', thinking that you can use this in your cheeks or even your eyelids, since it is better suited as a lip product-to be honest this is better suited to be categorized as a lipgloss than an actual tint. Unlike other tints, particularly the creme ones, this is not suited for multi-use purposes since I don't think you'd like to have greasy sticky eyelids if you put this as an eye-shadow.

As for its pigmentation, it's a tint, a very watery one to be exact, which makes it appear sheer in one swipe, but it's pretty build-able. BUT just to manage your expectations, putting 3-4 coats won't exactly make your lips turn Coral Orange, but you can definitely see the color...

Not pink enough.
...And at last, let's briefly discuss the staying power of this product. To cut it short, it'll be gone after 5 sips of coffee but hey while at it your lips are moisturized 👍


Well, of course when my cousin asked if I like it, I said I like it hahaha don't wanna appear ungrateful yow. But if you are unlike me, who is planning to buy this product to try out, here's my classic PROS and Cons to kind of help you decide whether that Php 400+ should be spent on this tint.

- It tastes good, HAHAHA!
- It's moisturizing.
- Cute packaging, doesn't break easily when it fell off the floor.

- False branding, this is a lipgloss haha!
- Lacks staying power.
- You have no idea if you have used up the product because of concealed packaging.

Sooooooo, will I buy this Peripera Sugar Glow Tint for mah self? Hmmm, I don't think so, but I'll definitely enjoy every drop of this sweet sweet lippie before I go Con te Partiro with it.

Love Always,
Nicole ♡

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