36 Pesos Lip Tint! #NicDoesBeauty on Beyond Beautiful Organic Liptint

by - August 28, 2020

Ok, ok, just for a disclaimer I got it off on sale during 6.6 sale of Lazada that's why I got it for Php 36.50 but originally I think it is retailed at Php 100+! But anyhooo, let's go with it.

Before I did a blog post about budget beauty products, particularly the Skin Genie's Lip and Cheek Stain Alive HERE. Pretty much like the premise of my old review, I want to either prove or debunk the myth that these roller-type gel-based lip and cheek tints are worth the C0iNzZz.

Last June 6 I was able to score myself a 36 pesos lip tint during Lazada's 6.6. Originally I wasn't really interested in buying myself another lip tint given that I really see no use for one- I mean, HELLO FACEMASK! But c'mon, who would pass for a lip tint that is as affordable as your daily siomai rice? HAHA!

Also, I got curious with the brand Beyond Beautiful, because aside from selling these lippies, they also sell skincare products like cleansers and serums, and body care items like shampoo bars and soap. By the way, for the record, their shampoo bars are the boooomb!

I tried searching the internet for more details about Beyond Beautiful, unfortunately, I can't seem to find a refutable website nor an official Instagram about this brand so I don't think I could say much about it 🀷

This lipgloss comes in a roller-type applicator, a glass (but very thick so it won't break easily if it falls) body, and a very candy-like sticker tag. On the body, the sticker tag shows the brand name, what item it is, the ingredients, and the manufacturing date vs. expiration date. I think this is important since the item did not come with a box, so it's assuring to see the details of your product on the get-go.

I have 2 concerns regarding the packaging of this lip tint:

1. The sticker tag tends to peel-off easily, which is bad for people like me who don't bring a make-up bag and have a tendency of just dumping it inside my bag.

2. The roller applicator is skid-ish. Ok, so how do I explain this? Hmmm, it's hard to apply this on the skin because the roller produces the product in patches... Gets? HAHAHA!

Needs improvement.

The product feels like a mixture of gel and syrupy liquid, so it's not thick nor is it watery. When applied on the skin you get to see the color immediately, but like I mentioned a while ago due to the slightly faulty roller, when applied it tend to be in patches.

When first applied the color of the tint is soooo strong, but after blending it soon looks more natural on the skin, Just a disclaimer, since this is very pigmented, if you're going to use it on your cheeks I advise to put some product on the back of your hand first then from there put small amounts to your cheeks. 

The item tends to dry really fast, and has a tendency to be difficult to blend so you have to be fast when working with this product.

I'm pretty torn with this one, while yes it stays on your lips it does stay on that part of your lips that makes it look awkward. When I wore this lip tint it ended up pooling on the  inner waterline of my lip, and no it doesn't look Korean make-up-like ombre. This is something I always find myself being frustrated about when it comes to this kind of formulation.

However, it's a different story when it comes to using this as a cheek product, because it stays even after swimming! I am not sure if it's because of post-workout glow ay, yes, but my cheeks are still flushed pretty much how it was after I applied it.

πŸ‘ The price is definitely a huge pro! I mean who would expect to snag a make-up product for THIRTY FRICKING SIX PESOS?
πŸ‘ Very pigmented, with just a few swipes your face can be as red as a strawberry hahaha!
πŸ‘ It comes in a variety of colors, so if you're fair and wants something more in the pink spectrum this product is good for you.
πŸ‘ Can be easily bought in Lazada.

πŸ‘ŽI have problems with the roller applicator. It omits the product in patch-like appearance πŸ’
πŸ‘ŽThe color pools on the inner waterline of the lips, which makes it look unpleasant.
πŸ‘Ž Staying power is meh.

To be honest, if you get presented with a Php 36 lip tint I think it's almost criminal to be overly critical with it hahaha! On the plus side, this performed better than any Php 36 item could ☝

Love Always,
Nicole ❤

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